A New Beginning

It was the first day of SCHOOL!  YIPPIE!!! 


I love my beautiful and wonderful children and I am ready for them to get out that door, get on that big yellow monster, and walk into the newness of their lives.

They will be entering the unknown, like many of us do when we are about to  embark on a new chapter in our lives. 

Zeb is in the 10th grade. I can’t believe that he will be a SENIOR in 2 years, where has the time gone. Ashleigh is in the 6th grade. I am definitely getting older. Jayla is in the 4th grade. Soon I will have an empty nest, definitely not rushing it right now. 

They will meet new people, make new friends, laugh, cry, excel, become disappointed but with this they will LEARN some type of valuable life lesson. Old friends may become lost in the shuffle and you may discover that you don’t need a big circle just a loyal few. 

Here are a few things that I told them about starting the new school year. We can use this in our every day life.

  1. Learn everything that you can.
  2. Ask  questions.
  3. Listen for the answers.
  4. Be still.
  5. Be silent when needed. 
  6. Be Great!
  7. Give 120%! 


For the fact, I work at night, I missed out on watching them walk out the door this morning. It was bittersweet. I did get the joy of having the house to myself.

Have a great school year!

back to school





I am Zeb's wife. Shabre, Zeb Jr., Ashleigh, and Jayla's mother! I am a God fearing woman! I am Ruby's daughter! I AM PERFECTLY FLAWED!

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