Boxing Legends!

There have been so many great African American boxers. From lightweight to heavyweight that I am not able to discuss them all.

So many people tend to think that Joe Louis was the world’s first black boxing champion but it was John Arthur “Jack” Johnson was the world’s first black boxing champion. He was born in Galveston, Texas in 1878. His parents were former slaves. Jack Johnson lived a fast life and was killed in a car accident in 1946.

Jack Johnson

Joe Louis Barrow known as Joe Louis was the heavyweight champion from 1937-1949. He is considered to be one of the Greatest of all times.  He was nicknamed the “Brown Bomber” and he was born in LaFayette, Alabama.  He was the first to hold the title the longest. He would come out of retirement in 1950 to be defeated by Rocky Marciano.

Joe Louis

“Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee.” Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., who would become known as Muhammad Ali is known as the G.O.A.T. No one will dispute his reputation as a fighter, political activist, and his showmanship. Known as the “People’s Champ”, he didn’t back down from what he believed in.  Being a political activist was in his blood. At the age of 22, he became the heavyweight champion by defeating Sonny Liston in an upset. He had a total of 5 losses in his career of 61 fights.


Mike Tyson became the youngest heavy weight champion in 1986 at the age of 20. Despite Mike Tyson’s embattled history, he is a boxing legend.

mike tyson.jpg

There are so many other African American boxers out there. These are just a few that I chose.  Sugar Ray Robinson, Sugar Ray Leonard, George Foreman, Evander Holyfield, Roy Jones Jr, Floyd Mayweather, Thomas Hearns, and etc…

Just a little more history and education for you.



Happy Reading and Enjoy!

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