The Scales have TIPPED!!!

Update: NOTHING HAS CHANGED! Wait! I am no longer at that job! I have not weighed myself since I originally published this post. I have been monitoring my blood pressure this year and it has started to go up…not thrilled about that. I absolutely have to do better. I think that it is stress related.

While at work, I thought it would be an adventure to go and tip the scales!  The scale TIPPED in the WRONG DAMN DIRECTION! Thinking to myself, “this cannot be right!”, as I am walking off with a cold can Pepsi in my hand.  Really?  I am weighing my options, talking to myself as I walk back to my unit.

“Are you going to drink this Pepsi after you just weighed yourself?”

“Yes, I am.”  I had gone above my limit, so why not enjoy this cold Pepsi.

I must admit, I am not an active woman.  I do not have an active lifestyle.  I am a nurse who works 12 hours on the night shift, a wife who has to make time for all of my “wifely” duties…doing great in some areas, a mother who has  four children to take care of which is in college, so the scales have TIPPED, and I MEAN TIPPED!

I was okay with my 200 lb. frame.  I’m tall at 5’9” and it does not look like I am over 200 pounds, 14 pounds to be exact.  I mean in the last month and that’s not health at all.  People always tell me, “you’re tall and you carry it well.”  It’s not MUSCLE, it’s FAT! I’m still P.H.A.T(Pretty Hot And Thick)! LOL!!

Working at night, I sleep during the day.  I do not get up to do anything EXTRA! I have a sedentary lifestyle, I admit. I get up to use the bathroom, get something to drink, and very little to eat. I snack at work, which is the problem.  I have definitely got to make some changes.  I am healthy, no BP problems.  I am not a diabetic, even though it runs in my family.  I am almost 39 years old and I have to make some serious lifestyle changes.  There may not be any issues right now, but if I continue to do nothing, there may be on horizon.

I seem to lack the motivation to get started, like many Americans.  It’s not until something goes horribly wrong that many of us start to make some lifestyle changes.  As a nurse, I know what is right.  I know what I need to do. I can tell everyone else what they should do, but I am not telling myself.  I have a husband, 4 children who are 19, 15, 11, and 8 and I want to be around to see them become productive adults.  I SEE MY MOTIVATION!!!

feet on a bathroom scale - isolated

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I am Zeb's wife. Shabre, Zeb Jr., Ashleigh, and Jayla's mother! I am a God fearing woman! I am Ruby's daughter! I AM PERFECTLY FLAWED!

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