Habits of Successful People #8: Have daily written goals/to do list

Dream Big, Dream Often

I am excited to get back to our discussion about the Habits of Successful People.  Before we move on I want to clarify a very important point…when I refer to success I am referring to professional and monetary success.  However, I do so because there are so many different definitions of success that I have to narrow down our focus.  With that said the principles of attaining any goal are the same; meaning the steps are transferable.

I type this to say please stop sending me comments and emails bashing me for my focus on money and professional life. I understand that there are many different types of success other than financial and professional.  If you read my posts for any IMG_7061amount of time you know that I rarely focus on money or material things.

On to our discussion…

The eighth habit on our list is: Have daily written goals/to do list.  I have…

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