A Regrettable Decision…


Often times we look back over our lives, we take inventory of our losses and wins, and our biggest REGRETS and think about how that decision made our lives different.

I have made some decisions that have eventually made me who I am TODAY!

As I sit here and thinks about one of my regrets, it would be that I chose not to go into the Air Force. When I was in high school, I didn’t think much about what I aspired to be. I knew that I wanted to be successful in life and that’s all I knew.  I also knew that I wanted to be a commercial pilot, I wanted to fly airplanes. So one day, I decided to take the ASVAB for the military. I scored high enough that I qualified to go into the Air Force. I was so happy. My dream was starting to take shape. I was going into the Air Force. I was going to travel and see the world for FREE!!! What more could a small town Georgia girl ask for? 

….and then, I found out that I was pregnant. NOOOO!!!!!!!! 

    I knew that my dream was over and I was hurt and disappointed.  I knew that I could not do it with a child. So I talked with my recruiter and my mom.  It was still possible for me to achieve my dream, but, I didn’t want to sign over my parental rights. Even though, I was going to be a teen parent and this was definitely going to be a way to provide for my child, I could not leave her at this time.  I knew she was going to be in great hands with my mom, who has always been my biggest cheerleader, but I wanted to see her grow up.

Looking back over my life, it would have been a great opportunity. I think about how different my life would have been if I had chosen to go into the Air Force.  I would not have the family that I have today and doing something that I love. I can still possibly get my pilot’s license and it will be expensive, but it can be done.

I appreciate all my choices for they made me who I am today!

What has been your biggest regret?  How has it shaped your life today?

“Of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are, “It might have been.”
Kurt Vonnegut

Happy Reading!

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I am Zeb's wife. Shabre, Zeb Jr., Ashleigh, and Jayla's mother! I am a God fearing woman! I am Ruby's daughter! I AM PERFECTLY FLAWED!

11 thoughts on “A Regrettable Decision…”

  1. Personally speaking and this is only my humble opinion Alitha, I think you took the right course. The years with your child can never be bought, exchanged or re-wound like a movie. They are precious years and have no doubt enriched both your lives. You will always have those precious memories of the first word, the crawl, the faltering steps, the laughter, the tears et al and no one else can take them away from you. You also have the knowledge that you made the grade with your application and the way is still open for you to ‘fly.’ You can still ‘dream the impossible dream!’ 🙂

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