Friendly Fridays!

Here is another installment of “Friendly Fridays”. I enjoy this segment as well as some of you guys. Sometimes I sit back and think, “What am I going to tell them this week?” I really don’t think I am that interesting, however, I like getting to know people and I hope you all like getting to know me.

I am an INTROVERT! I like being alone but I am not lonely. I shy away from big crowds unless it’s a football or basketball game or something that involves my children. Many people think that I am anti social but I’m not. I just don’t like being around a lot of people. I prefer to be secluded in my own little group!

I have a small amount of true friends. I am okay with that. It’s about the quality not the quantity. We do not talk every day or every week as a matter of fact, but I do check in on them and they return the favor. Friends, I can count on my hand. I have let go quite a few people in my life and I am fine with that.

Everyone that comes in your life, are there to be a lesson and there are many lessons to learn.

Happy reading! πŸ™‚



I am Zeb's wife. Shabre, Zeb Jr., Ashleigh, and Jayla's mother! I am a God fearing woman! I am Ruby's daughter! I AM PERFECTLY FLAWED!

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