Friendly Fridays!

So in order to help improve my writing/blogging, like many others, I will try different topics and give updates on my life as well. Beginning today, will be FRIENDLY FRIDAYS! FRIENDLY FRIDAYS will be “a get to know me” blog. I will tell you about some of my crazy quirks, my life at home, hobbies, inconsistencies, and many more.  Stay tuned.

I am a Nurse.  I have been a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse)…(Low Paid Nurse)(nurse joke) :0 …for almost 10 years and I have enjoyed every moment.  I have met some amazing people in my profession.  I never thought that I would be in the medical profession field.  My profession has given me opportunities to meet some incredible people. I chose to be a LPN because I wanted to see if I would like the medical field and I did. LPNs do not get the recognition that we deserve.  We work in hospitals, nursing homes, doctor offices, and other specialities as well. We are not considered real nurses in some realms but WE ARE. We do the hard work, the grimy work. We miss holidays with our families to take care of others…We lose sleep, We work on care plans, We answer call lights, We ARE REAL NURSES TOO!  I guess I am supposed to be in the SERVICE/HUMANITARIAN field. All of my life I have been the HELPER…that is where my JOY comes from.


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I am a SPORTS FANATIC…FOOTBALL(COLLEGE AND NFL). I love basketball as well.  I was having withdrawals when there wasn’t any football on television.  I love the DALLAS COWBOYS!!!  I am a die-hard #dallascowboyfanforlife. I am from Georgia, but I rarely cheer for any team in GEORGIA.  #ALABAMA is my college team.  Nick Saban is a man of few words but he is so profound.  #ROLLTIDE.

dallas cowboys


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I am Zeb's wife. Shabre, Zeb Jr., Ashleigh, and Jayla's mother! I am a God fearing woman! I am Ruby's daughter! I AM PERFECTLY FLAWED!

2 thoughts on “Friendly Fridays!”

  1. What a brilliant idea to adopt a day when we hear more about you! I and many others, agree that the nursing profession is underrated and undervalued, and certainly deserves far better. Bouquets to you and all nurses!
    There is a WordPress blog by Greg Mercer, a psyche nurse who is an undesignated but total champion for the rights and recognition of nurses and the nursing profession. You might like to visit Big Red Carpet Nurse! Greg talks about all facets of nursing and the problems they encounter, mainly with administration and lesser so with patients. He also has a great sense of humour and humanity so his posts are peppered with humorous posters and stories.
    I look forward to Friendly Fridays. 👍🏻


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